Aveiro  is a city in the northwest of Portugal in the Beira-Littoral region. Known for its Art Nouveau architecture, canals and bridges as well as colorful boats that look like Venetian gondolas. That is why this city is often referred to as "Portuguese Venice" though this comparison of course is clearly exaggerated. This is an unusual and wonderful city which is a great day trip from Porto .

Wonderful traditional Moliceiros boats painted in bright colors. The pictures depict scenes from the life and history of the city. These boats were previously used to collect seaweed. Now they are ridden by tourists.

Aveiro is located 220 km north of Lisbon and 58 km south of Porto. The city is located a few kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and is a seaport. Aveiro has a humid Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. November, December and January are the rainy season. Also in the winter and autumn the strong west winds often blow.
Aveiro was first mentioned in 959 under the name Aviarium. For a long time the city was an important economic link in salt production and commercial shipping. In the future the city was conquered by the Moors who held it until the 11th century.

IIn 1435 Aveiro was given the right to hold fairs and in 1515 - the city rights. Between the 16th and 17th centuries, channel siltation caused interference with the use of the port. This gave rise to a socio-economic crisis that was only overcome in the 19th century.
Notable sights
Aveiro is considered one of the most picturesque and romantic cities in Portugal the main attraction of which is a maze of canals filled with colorful boats.

Along the main canal in the city center is a series of buildings with facades inspired by the modern period. Bright colors mixed with smooth curved lines and forged inserts give it a special charm.

In Aveiro you should definitely go for a traditional Moliseros boat. The cost of the trip is about 7 euros.

In the center of Aveiro on the bridge are four bronze statues depicting people in traditional costumes.

San Domingo Cathedral is a majestic national monument that was built in the early 15th century. The simple exterior facade of limestone demonstrates the original Gothic design. The rest of the church underwent significant changes in the Baroque style in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Aveiro Museum is housed in a 15th-century monastery building next to the cathedral. It presents a wide range of culturally significant sculptures, paintings and jewels.

Costa Nova is a beach with a small town that is known for rainbow striped fishing lodges. These charming buildings were once used to store fishing gear but now some of them are used as living quarters.
How to visit
Aveiro is a 45-minute drive from the Porto city center.

Aveiro has regular rail connections to Porto, Coimbra or Lisbon. The closest international airport is in Porto.
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